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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Term Chart

Term Pickup Day Return Day Days Charged
Daily Weekday (Monday - Friday) Following morning (by noon) 1
Weekend Friday Following Monday (by noon) 2
Weekly Any week day Morning following 1 week later (by noon) 3
Monthly Any week day Morning following 1 month later (by noon) 12

The Customer Agrees to...

1. The Customer agrees to use this equipment in a reasonable manner, and only for the purpose for which it was intended.
2. The Customer is knowledgeable on the operation of this equipment and acknowledges any questions regarding uncertain operation have been asked.
3. The Customer agrees to clean the rented equipment and return it to the rental outlet in the same condition it was in when picked up.
4. The Customer agrees to return the equipment by the specified return date and time or be subject to late return charges.
5. The Customer agrees to assume full responsibility for the equipment while it is rented. If the equipment is lost or stolen, the customer agrees to pay full value of the product, or if damaged, pay the full cost of the repair.

Terms and Conditions

1. Unless an open account has been established with the Taylor Electronic Services Inc. Credit Department, the Lessee will pay the full amount of the rental in advance. The Lessee shall submit an application for credit at least two weeks prior to the initial rental.

2. All equipment is offered subject to availability and Taylor Electronic Services Inc. reserves the right to substitute equivalent equipment where necessary. Orders for rental equipment must be in writing and the acceptance of equipment on rental implies acceptance of Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s rental conditions set out herein.

3. Insurance coverage – the Lessee must accept full responsibility for rented equipment. It is his/her responsibility to protect the equipment. Lessee to return rental items via insured air freight or BPX, prepaid.

4. On all rentals in excess of three weeks, Taylor Electronic Services Inc. reserves the right to service the equipment at regular intervals to maintain same in good working order and condition. Such repair, service and maintenance to be carried out by Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s staff at their normal service rates.

5. The Lessee agrees with Taylor Electronic Services Inc. as follows:

To make prompt payment of all rental charges in advance without demand;

To keep the equipment in good and working order and not to damage or interfere with the same;

To indemnify Taylor Electronic Services Inc. against any loss or damage whatsoever to the equipment during the term of this agreement;

To return the equipment to Taylor Electronic Services Inc. forthwith upon the termination of Agreement; and in the event of the failure to perform this obligation, I the Lessee will pay to Taylor Electronic Services Inc. by way of agreed damages, an amount, (calculated from the date of the termination of this Agreement) equal to the rental payment provided for in this Agreement for the period during which the Lessee retains possession of the said equipment;

To permit Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s servants or agents or their authorized assigns, at all reasonable times, to enter any premises where the said equipment may be, to inspect the same and to make any necessary adjustments, repairs, replacements thereto or to remove the same after the termination of this Agreement;

The Lessee acknowledges that the said equipment is and shall remain the property of Taylor Electronic Services Inc.; the Lessee will not sell or pledge or otherwise dispose of or deal with the said equipment in any manner inconsistent with the rights of Taylor Electronic Services Inc.; the Lessee to promptly notify Taylor Electronic Services Inc. in writing if any execution or distress or similar process is levied against the said equipment;

Taylor Electronic Services Inc. reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement at any time and to immediately retake possession of the equipment if the Lessee has made any misstatement in any of the information furnished by the Lessee to Taylor Electronic Services Inc., or commits a breach of the provisions of this Agreement or becomes insolvent or bankrupt or if the equipment is seized under any execution or distress or any similar process;

Taylor Electronic Services Inc. reserves the right to assign the benefit of this Agreement.

6. Taylor Electronic Services Inc. shall not be responsible for losses or damages to Lessee or to any third person occasioned by any delay in the performance or non-performance of any of Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s obligations herein, or by loss of or damage to any of the materials resulting from or by reason of, or beyond the control of the Company, including but not being limited to, acts of God, substantial changes in general economic conditions, acts of Government or military authority, casualty, riot, acts of Lessee, strikes or other labour difficulties, shortages of labour, supplies, fuel and transportation facilities or any other cause of any nature whatsoever beyond Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s control or the control of its suppliers or sub-contractors. This includes but is not limited to any software used in or on Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s equipment.

7. Claims for non-performance or other irregularities pertaining to the equipment must be made within 24 hours after receipt of equipment and/or services.

8. Taylor Electronic Services Inc.'s liability for any claims, damages, losses or liabilities arriving out of or related to the services covered here under, shall not exceed an amount equal to the price of the service to which the liability relates. In no event shall Taylor Electronic Services Inc. be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any character, including, but not limited to, loss of use of productive facilities or equipment, lost profits, property damages, personal damages or lost production, whether suffered by the Lessee or any third party Irrespective, of whether claims or actions for such damages are based upon contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise. There will be no liability for loss, damage or failure to make delivery or delay. Taylor Electronic Services Inc. will not be responsible for typographical errors which could cause documentation misrepresentation.

9. These terms, conditions and specifications are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Ontario.